Using multidex in the treatment of ulcers

As a sterile Maltodextrin Powder with 1% ascorbic acid, its natural properties bring topical nutrients to the wound, creating a natural environment for the body to heal itself. Multidex Gel is specially formulated by adding glycerin and water to Multidex Powder for use on dry wounds. Clinical findings show Multidex Gel has the same unique performance and characteristics as the powder and is easier to apply on difficult-toaccess areas of the body.

Why Is Maltodextrin Used In Skincare?

Maltodextrin is a plant-based sugar that is used in cosmetics and skincare products as a moisturizer and hydrating ingredient. Maltodextrin is also used to improve the texture of formulations.  

Westmead study shows vitamin C prevents ulcer-related amputations

A new study from Westmead Hospital shows that vitamin C can help heal chronic foot ulcers and prevent the need for amputation.

Cost Effective Limb Preservation Protocol for DF Patients Indicated for a Limb Amputation in a Low Income Developing Country
Study objectives
This study describes a cost effective limb preservation protocol for diabetic foot patients indicated for limb amputation in a low income developing country. The protocol uses Multidex® maltodextrin/ascorbic acid dressing (DeRoyal®, Tennessee, USA) as a primary dressing and gauze as a secondary dressing following  transmetatarsal amputation.
MULTIDEX® - maltodextrin wound dressing case study summary
In a side-by-side clinical comparison, a more significant decrease in wound size was achieved in wounds treated with Multidex® wound dressings versus using wet-to-dry dressings.