Return Policies

I. General Provisions

1. Customers can exchange or return drugs purchased at Multidex distribution system within 7 days from the date of purchase.

2. 100% free of charge for drug exchange, applicable to all drugs and products traded at Multidex drug distribution network.

3. For exchanged or returned goods, they must be within the expiry date, complete boxes, manuals, if lost, the box cover will be charged.

4. Financial invoice products, upon delivery, will incur a 10% payment fee.

5. When returning the goods, they must have the original seal. Goods ordered according to customer requirements will not be exchanged.


II. Rules Of Returns

 Reason  Return time   Products  Criterion  Return fee  Note
 1. Return due to manufacturer fault  Within 7 days from invoice date  All products  - Manufacturer fault  Return fee: 0%  According to Value on invoice after discount / promotion
 2. Return according to customer needs  Within 7 days from invoice date  All products

 -Products in original condition, including:

+ Not tearing the seal seal or tearing the outer cover of the box

 Free returns

Box fee:  5%

-Applies when the box is dented / torn

 According to Value on invoice after discount/ promotion The box fee is applied when the carton is molded / torn

 - Unpacked & unused products, including:

+ Torn the seal, the lid of the box has not been opened

 Return fee: 10%  According to Value on invoice after discount/ promotion
 - Unpacked & used products:   No return of goods